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This is the download area for addons, patches and utilities needed in MegaMättö. Contact [GD] Arzka if you have found version that is newer than on this page. Everyone should use only these versions to ensure that there is no game incompatibility.

Supreme Commander


Total Annihilation

Here is v3.1 patch.


BMW mod V11.0 ja V11.01 päivitys.

Some tracks

Turbo Sliders

Here is Turbo Sliders v1.0.6.

Operation FlashPoint

Here are v1.2 patch, v1.3 patch, v1.46 patch and readme (read this before patching).

IL-2 Sturmovik

Here are v1.1 patch and v1.2 patch. You must install v1.1 patch before v1.2 patch.

Battlefield 1942

Here are v1.6 patch (full) and v1.6.1 patch (incremental from v1.6)
and some Mods:

  • Finnish Wars (final) - Finland vs Russia.

    Battlefield 2

    There is a patch (v 1.4.1 full).
    Or incremental patches 1.22 -> 1.3, 1.3 -> 1.4

    Patch 1.41 -> 1.5 and Alt+tab hotfix.

    Eve Of Destruction mod - Mod itself and Maps for it

    Shogun: Total War

    Here are Warlord Edition v1.02 euro patch and Mongol Invasion v1.02 euro patch.


    Here are Daemon tools 4.00, Mumble client 1.2.3, WinZip v8.1 SR-1 and WinAce v2.20.

    Copyright [GameDude]. Page updated 5.1.2004.