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Dude 13
File: Jari Jääskeläinen, aka Jässe, aka Jässe Pedal. First MegaMättö experience at mättö #2 at Meta's place. Was invited by Meta and Sailor. During that time they run a company that sold PCs, called "DirASoft". They said to Jässe that they'll sell him a brand new Cyrix 166+ dirt cheap if he'll join the next mättö. Jässe couldn't resist - he's been on on every mattö since then.
Some personal details and events and like are listed here:

Here Jässe is hosting his first GPL race on internet. 12 drivers all around the Europe joined at Glen. The start was a disaster. Observe Jässe reaching to the orbit in his red Ferrari.
Jässe steering through the clouds in his trustworthy hoppa. Picture taken from mättö #9 race, mayhem at Bristol.
Jässe and Karl Vippinger having a tight slick'n'slide race at Pikes Peak. The complete 16 lap GPL replay is available here (3.5MB).

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