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Dude 69
File: Matti Lehtokangas, aka Mad. Organiser and participant of MegaMättö since mättö number 3. It is not about winning or losing. All that matters is good gaming (=Mättö) sounds and those great vibes you get when you roll into enemy base. More metal and movement there is on the screen the merrier it gets! Rage Against The Machine rulez with volume turned up to 11 and repeat set to on-position for whole weekend! ForceFeedback wheels suck big time, my old Dexxa rules... always winning right? More beer please! ;-)

Some cool and useful sites are listed here:

MS Sucks
Joe Cartoon
City of Tampere
Finnish Red Cross
Tampere Polytechnic
Hämeen työsuojelupiiri
Kennedy Space Center
Union of Professional Engineers in Finland
European Federation of National Engineering Associations

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