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10th MegaMättö at Hirsilinna, Hevossaari, Kuru

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For those about to play - we salute you!

The 10th Mättö was held at Hirsilinna which was located at Hevossaari Camping, Kuru. 21 Dudes participated this event. For the future plans: the max for Hirsilinna is 24 persons, if two or three tables are brought along with us. So it is probably too small in the future... >sigh<.

The Hirsilinna facility was located by the lake Keihäsjärvi. Excellent place - continental breakfast for each morning was included in the price.

The facility was opened at 2 o'clock pm. During that time there were an icehockey match going on - Finland was playing World Championship semi-finals* - and that had to be observed in the camping area reception.

But soon the hardware was assembled and we were ready to rock and roll!

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* Sidenote: Finland got bronze from the icehockey World Championships. Hurrah Finland! And we won Sweden as well! Ohh aren't we fabulous ;)

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