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11th MegaMättö at Piilopirtti, Kylmäkoski

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For those about to play - we salute you!

The 11th Mättö was held at Piilopirtti which was located at Kylmäkoski. 28 Dudes participated this event.

This place was located quite middle of nowhere - there were forest everywhere.

This was the best place so far. Plenty of room in two floors. A sauna with 2 showers. Plenty of mattresses to sleep on. A proper kitchen with all the goodies. At first we calculated that one can take about 40 players with their hardware here. Now we were 28, and everyone had space enough. However, this was the first time when we blew the fuses. This happened only once, the first floor went dead. But it made us wonder... probably it is not a good idea to take much over 28 PCs there.

Unfortunately the placekeeper (landlord, whatever) did not left a good expression about himself. Mad had negotiated the rent price as a private person (3700 FIM), but when the time of payment came, the placekeeper said that the price was without VAT. Man, you do not do business like this with private persons in Finland. The placekeeper did not left Mad other choise but to pay the extra 8%.

Therefore we do not prefer to use this place ever again.

The facility was opened at Friday midday. Some Dudes got themselves a little bit lost until we got one important sign standing on the road. This was not too easy place to find - the right turn to right was easy to miss.

The setup of the hardware was a snap. From left to right, the three important laptops: setting up the Counter-Strike server, the LASCAR Cup result laptop and the Jukebox:

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