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11th MegaMättö at Piilopirtti, Kylmäkoski

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Dark Reign 2 was introduced as a new Mättö game. This baby is a 3D RST which can take 32 players. We managed to pull some 5-6 games with this one, with 8 players at tops. Start looks promising, but the DR2 is still a minor game at Mättö.

An other new thing was the LASCAR Result Server. This Java based software could read Nascar3 result exports and show race results on remote laptops connected to the LAN. One laptop was located at the first floor, and an other on the second floor. Also, a timer clock feature is included to synchronize the practise and race sessions. The Cup was held as before, see the results from the LASCAR pages.

The rest of the time was spent mainly with the Half-Life mods, CS, Firearms and TeamFortressClassic. Two dedicated servers were available for these all the weekend.

Some pics from downstairs:

VK forgets to watch his back In the heat of night

Some pics from upstairs:

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