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12th MegaMättö at Teekkarisauna, Hervanta, Tampere

1 Gbit LAN, finally!
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For those about to play - we salute you!

The 12th Mättö was held at Teekkarisauna. 31 Dudes participated this event.

This was the first Mättö to utilize a 1 Gbit ethernet. Many thanks to Mad and Soon Communications for providing us the state of the art backbone. The bandwith sure was not an issue on this Mättö!

Below is a draft about the network topology. Granted, the 1Gbit link is only between 2 switches, but this is a good start anyway ;)

Below is the port summary and uptime status for one of the switches.

And below is the setup and a bandwith utilization graph for the 1 Gbit port. Flat out all the way!

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