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12th MegaMättö at Teekkarisauna, Hervanta, Tampere

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Most featured games: Nascar 3, many Half-Life mods, Colin2. Some MSCFS2, Nascar 4, Homeworld Cataclysm, Shogun, DR2 and TA also been seen on the sceme.

Check out the Nascar 3 results from the LASCAR page.

The Mättö people (the 3rd pic is taken from Counter-Strike. Man, it was really difficut to get all - trigger-crazy and armed to the teeths - Dudes into the same picture in the virtual reality. Somebody ALWAYS started to shoot, and others followed instantly. What a massacre. Bodycount for the group picture must be several hundreds).

Some views over the Teekkarisauna. Note the 1Gbit optic cable hanging on the roof.

Cables, cables....

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