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13th MegaMättö at Teekkarisauna, Hervanta, Tampere

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For those about to eat - we salute you as well!

The 13th Mättö - routine stuff: lotsa gaming, beer and sauna, and still helluva fun! Worth mentioning here is that quite many Dudes were also playing Planetarion during the Mättö time. And of course our galaxy (126:22) got attacked during that weekend! Luckily Tampere Univercity of Technology was near by, and we could get into Web to protect ourselves. In the middle of the night of course, since the damn enemies were probably from States.

DoD was a very popular one in this Mättö. Looks like the Counter-Strike is a goner now. Screenshots about the "official" DoD game results: Hill, Seg3, Sicily, Caen and Omaha.

The LASCAR Cup was held as usual. Check out the Nascar 3 results from the LASCAR page.

And some pictures for y'all to share. The Mättö people:

Beverages and pizza. Before and after.

Beer and sauna. Affirmative, Sir! Life is not all that computer games, at least not all the time. It is always relaxing to talk about the games in the sauna brakes between sauna sessions between gaming sessions.

Some need rest, some not.

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