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14th MegaMättö at Kontula, Sahalahti

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For those about to play - we salute you!

The 14th Mättö was held at Kontula, Sahalahti. And by all means the above picture is not meant to be disrespective to our WWII veterans, to whom we all owe our independence.

The Mättö place standard keeps rising! In the size respect the best place so far. Plenty of room and good 'hevy-duty' tables to put the gaming gear on. The main hall is so big that we can easily place 50 (and likely more) Dudes with their hardware there. The only downside was a rather small sauna. Nah, the sauna thing just required some online-organizing, not a big issue here... ;)

The PA speakers on the ceiling level on the main hall were neat. Clawfinger with a hall echo sure sounded goood!

The Mättö was held from Friday midday to Sunday as usual.

On the organized game front, DoD (results: games 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and LASCAR Cup (no results yet available, the result data files are still in transit to Jässe) were played.

Some tried out the Operation Flashpoint as a new game, but the multiplayer seemed to be a bit unstable. Hopefully the future fixes will stabilize the multiplayer game. OFP looks promising, but it may have the same destiny as Tribes, Rogue Spear and DR2, which never became a major Mättö game. We shall see this in the future...

We even tried to fire up the good old Red Alert Aftermath. Unfortunately the multiplayer mode refuced to work under Win98 (which is the most common platform used in Mättö now). The IPX stack ... seemed not to co-operate with the RA... darn.

On the other game respect, N4, TA, some air combat games etc were spotted on the monitors. The good old Mättö tradition goes on: Lan Parties, Sauna and Beer - we sure had some good time again!

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