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15th MegaMättö at Kontula, Sahalahti

The 15th Mättö was held again at Kontula, Sahalahti. The Mättö was held from Friday midday to Sunday as usual. No pics this time, see Mättö #14 pictures, they're just almost the same! ;)

Quite a many new "non-official" (i.e. not included in the Mättö program) games this time: IL2 Sturmovik, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon to mention the most played ones. Probably these will be seen more on the future.

OFP was tried out whith a bigger audience this time. At the beginning there were some problems (Jässe's mission contained so heavy scripts that the server jammed). When we removed those, the server behaved pretty good. But still too many mysterious player drops, and the stand-alone server management GUI sucks. Have to admit that the game joining user interface is quite odd.

Nascar4 tributed as a LASCAR official game. Check out the details and results. The Bule Team was again victorous on the race track.

Official runs with DOD were done as usual. The end result is not clear, but likely the Reds killed all Blues about 2374821 times.

Some tidbits:

  • Management (Mad) was drunk like hell in Friday. He run the show with a gentle althought funny and noisy touch. Biggest belly contest was seen. Mmmmh this must be the reason for the missing pictures. Naked Mad in the kitchen is not really a nice view to see.
  • Jässe broke blatantly the "no blinking devices" rule a.k.a. "No Assembly Trash In Mättö Please". It is likely that he must drink a bottle of Dry Wodka in the next Mättö as a punishment. Or utilize any other means to gain the drunkness degree which Mad displayed on Friday.
  • Konkola and Jorge did the first Trans-Atlantic flight seen in the Mättö (with the Flight Simulator 2002 or was it 2001 or 2000 or what.... Flight Simulator anyway) without time acceleration. Autopilot on in the late night and then to bed. Landing in the morning. Neat.

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