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17th MegaMättö at Kontula, Sahalahti

Yessir, BF1942 That Is!

The Bunch

Kontula, again. Still the best place. However, now we're reaching to the limit. A blown fuse shut down half of the PCs. Luckily that happened only once. From now on, we have to plan more carefully how the power lines are to be utilized. And probably limit the number of dudes to 40... or overbook to 42 since we always get some late cancellations ;)

About the games then. Battlefield 1942 simply blew us away. A great game with DOD's easiness combined with OFP's versatility. And a stable one, too! Not a single server crash during the whole weekend. So it is not difficult to guess what we did all the time... and the Nascar4 Cup, some DOD, IL2 and OFP.

After the Mättö, a poll was held to find out where we stand on the FPS game genre la-la land. The question was: "Select FPS games that you want to play and give the play time ratio in percents to define how do you want to sprare the time between the games". For example, one could answer: BF 50%, DOD 25% and GR 25%. Any game which got any percents got one vote, so to speak. 28 dudes gave their votes in this case. Results were:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 2800% 100.1%

Some math:
sum%: Sum of percents given to a game
votes: Number of greater-than-zero percents given to a game
% = (Sum% / 2800%) * 100%
ingame% = Sum% / votes

So of the total time given to the FPS games, BF1942 should get 55% of that time. Looks like the good ol' DOD is falling into the minority games with 10.4%. OFP still stands, with 24%, and we'll try to focus on a little bit more "serious" and tactical figths with this one. BF1942 is simply sheer fun and therefore not so serious stuff.

The game managers should use this as a rough guideline when it is time to sort out the timetable for the next event.

Chit chat

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