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7th MegaMättö at KooVee-Leirikeskus, Kivijärvi, Ylöjärvi

The 7th mättö was held at KooVee-Leirikeskus, kind of middle of nowhere. It was sponsored by Tietovalta Oy and Valmet Automation Oy. A separate sauna building was available with a huge heat-once-use-a-long-time sauna stove. It took 6 hours and a load of wood to heat that thing up! Of course the heating was included in the price. We had better things to do for that time - like Red Alert Aftermath!

The sauna gave a plaeasant steam. The heat lasted over the Saturday evening and night so we were able to have some morning sauna prior to Sunday's Mättös. Great sauna all in all! The stove was hot something like 14 hours after it was heated up.

Even though it was a wintertime, some of the most nut dudes went for swimming. The sauna was located by a lake as it is with all good saunas. And there were a open cut in the ice cover of the lake for swimming.

Touring Cars 2 was introduced as a new Mättö game. Unfortunately it could take only 8 players, so others had to stick with RA Aftermath while the majority was driving. TOCA2 proved to be an excellent multiplayer game. Kind of arcadish but yet challenging. The battles for the victory were usually very tight.

Red Alert Aftermath was the most played game. It was played on 4 + 4 teams, and solo deathmatches when lesser players were available.

Other games played were MSCFS and Quake II.

Some pictures taken from the scene:

Tuukka's PA.
Check this out! Here you can see the left channel of MättöStereo. 2 x 700 watts here, and other 2 x 700 watts for the right channel were on the other side of the room. The music sure was loud enough!

Bigger play room.
The bigger room with some PC's on place. As you can see, a good and faithful dude always sleeps beside his hardware.

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