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8th MegaMättö at Teekkarisauna, Hervanta, Tampere

The 8th mättö was held at Teekkarisauna. Our first time there, a good place and reasonably priced. We had 21 participants, a new record of the joined dudes. Teekkarisauna could easily accomondate more dudes if needed. A good thing for the future...

Before this Mättö network backbone was only at speed of 10Mb and it was sponsored by Valmet Automation Oy. This was first time we had 100Mb network backbone because Mad was just changed from Syscon-Automation Oy to TPO. This new speed was quite easy to arrange with Dude inside. Next step will be speed of 1Gb.

Total Annihilation was introduced as a new Mättö game. It is quite surprising that this RTS has been out of our knowledge for such a long time. An old game discovered not until now - well, better late than not at all. And since it was an old game, we found it as a Replay version in one store. The price was 39 FIM. That's what we call a reasonably priced game! When the word spread out among us dudes, we bought all copies that were available. Luckily they got some more later, so no one had to be without in the MegaMättö.

The Counter-Strike mod was a new Mättö game as well. Back room terrorists (Offroad, Skape, Jässe, Budda, Sailor and Esa) got themselves killed all the time. Damn C-S can take only 20 players, so we had to let one out. Luckily this wasn't a problem, because people kept coming and going most of the time. Skape and Esa actually went to a local bar to drink their heads off. This Mättö wasn't too good for them.

And finally some pictures taken from the Teekkarisauna:

Backroom terrorists in action. General huuhaa.
In the heat of battle.
Skape as usual.

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