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9th MegaMättö at Teekkarisauna, Hervanta, Tampere

The 9th Mättö was held at Teekkarisauna, just like mättö number #8. This time we had storming 31 participants, a new record! That is about the maximum that could be accomondated there with their hardware.

Nascar 3 was introduced as a new major Mättö game, and it was an instant success. Oval tracks are relatively easy to learn compared to road tracks, even for those who do not prefer racing games. Nascar 3 is easy to start with, but mastering the game well requires quite a lot of practising. As it is with all good games. Unfortunately only a little time was provided prior the mättö for practising - Nascar 3 was quite a new game at this time. Races were intence and very, very accident prone. Some game replays to see:

  • |3.7MB zip file| First race held in Atlanta.
  • |6.4MB zip file| A crash run at Bristol.
  • |1.5MB zip file| A short run at Talladega. Observe the first four cars, the time window in the finish line was about 0.3 seconds. This is Nascar racing as it should be!
Some snapshots (click image to enlarge):

Starting grid of 20 cars at Bristol. After 0.125 miles... leaders four-wide. Jingo leads by an inch. After 0.25 miles the mayhem is ready. J.Pedal takes lead.

Sailor in trouble. Check these skid marks! MAD is heading into some trouble at 170mph.

Hopefully we shall see some cleaner driving into the future, both online in the internet and in Mättös as well ;)

The Counter-Strike was as usual. Those back room terrorists (Offroad, Skape, Jässe, Budda, Sailor and Tuomas) got themselves killed (again) quite a many times. Damn C-S can still take only 20 players, so we had to split into two groups. No good.

Despite of the preliminary time table for this Mättö, we did not managed to get airborne with MSCFS. Perhaps next time? It sure would be nice to see some 30 airplanes in 15-15 teams trying to shoot each others down.

Some pictures taken from the Teekkarisauna:

Common state of mind. The bar is beautiful.

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