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About events and us:

We are the [GameDude] clan. Our purpose is solely to have fun. This is achieved via LAN parties which we arrange three times per year. These are 3 day events from Friday to Sunday. We rent a facility that can accommondate at least 32 dudes with their hardware. Such places are hard to find so we have to settle for less sometimes. There is nothing like killing your best friends in the virtual reality and then having a good hot sauna and some cold beers with them in the real reality. That's what we call MEGAMÄTTÖ - the real thing.

Eventually you are going to see more of us dudes online under the [GameDude] or [GD] clan sign.

We prefer games that can support at least 32 players. All other games suck, although some games like Half-Life's Counter Strike suck less. Bandwith is not an issue here, since the network backbone is constructed by using three 1Gb 24-port switches.

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