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[GameDude] Mättö Series - Mättö 15

Action at Martinsville

The season 2002 started with the first cup driven with the Nascar 4. To start easy, the arcade mode was chosen to be used. Unfortunately the cars in the arcade mode are quite unbreakable and this resulted to somewhat reckless driving.

The results were little bit odd. Two drivers stole the show completely. #13 Jässe took 10 poles out of 12 races, and resulted to third in the final lineup. #105 Vippinger was unbeatable in the races. His patience and accident avoidance was something that everyone should adopt in their driving style. Vippinger scored the highest total of cup points (2105) ever seen in the LASCAR series. He won the second driver, #99 Konkola with over 200 points.

MAD earns a special note here also: he is the 1st Dude ever not to make in top ten in any of the all 12 starts he participated in one Mättö Cup! Dry Vodka does its deeds indeed. Amazing.

Rookie of the Cup is car #30 ReJJJo with his 18th position.

The next cup will be driven in the simulation mode even though this is going to cause some complaining... ;) ...well, all in-game driving aids are available for them not so seasoned drivers. The race management believes that this will even the races up a little more.

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