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[GameDude] Mättö Series - Mättö 16

The Winners

The season 2002 continued with Nascar Racing 4, but this time in the simulation mode.

The simulation mode suited Frank Mynthon on car #68 the best. He took the 1st place with a healthy 31 points lead to the 2nd driver and defending champion, Vippinger on car #105. Car #111, Knight, scored the 3rd place trophy.

Car #13 Jässe took again most of the poles, 5 at this time. He made this despite of the 0.7l bottle of Dry Vodka which was consumpted mostly during Friday evening and Saturday morning. As Finns usually do on weekends...

Rookie of the Cup was car #7, TriT, with his 7th position in overall standings. TriT scored one race win during the cup as well. Quite well executed for a rookie in this challenging company.

The next cup will still be driven in the simulation mode, and we'll change the weather from fixed to random to add some flavour. Also, the Easy fixed setup will be changed to Intermediate.

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