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[GameDude] Mättö Series - Mättö 10

The Mättö 10 Cup is over. After a 12 exciting races the final lineup of the track hero Dudes has formed. This was the first official Mättö Cup Series event to see the sunlight.

The team victory was clearly gained by the Red Team. Unfortunately some of the Dudes could not participate the Sunday races - this left 5 Blue drivers against 7 Reds. Otherwise the teams seemed to be quite equal, so more exiting races are to be expected in the future!

On the personal side, Nowman proved to be the fastest driver of the Cup. He made 3 poles and 2 fastest laps of the race. The fortune was not on his side though - unlucky accidents and events dropped him to the third position. The fight for the second position was a tight one. The second position went for Maarek. He scored 1885 points in total, and was only 3 points ahead of Nowman!

Jässe Pedal met the Cup victory with a clear 165 point lead. His first day in the Cup was not that good, but he managed to perform steadily through the rest of the Cup. Out of the 12 starts he made into the top 5 eleven times.

The next Mättö Cup will will take place after summer.

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