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[GameDude] Mättö Series - Mättö 11

Winners are about to get some...

The Mättö 11 Cup is over. After a 12 grunting races the final lineup of the track hero Dudes has formed again. This was the second official Mättö Cup Series event.

The team victory went to the Blue Team. All the top three drivers came from the Blue Team.

Jässe Pedal defended his active championship title succesfully. This was his second victory in a row, now with a clean 98 points lead.

The battle for the next top positions was very tight, again. Frank Mynthon gained the second position with 1861 points. Jingo was just on his tail, only 3 points behind. Maarek did not made it onto the podium, he was left 3 points behind Jingo.

The Rookie of the Cup was Konkola on the 99 car with his 10th position. An other rookie, Sandman on the 150 car, came just 9 points behind Konkola. Sandman's performance on the beginning of the cup was tremendous. After three races he shared the 1st position. But then a DQ on Darlington, and some more bad luck in other races dropped him to the 11th final position.

The title for the fastest driver of the cup goes to both Jässe Pedal and Jingo. Jässe scored 2 poles and 4 fastest race laps, while Jingo scored 3 poles and 3 fastest laps on races.

The next Mättö Cup will take place few weeks after the New Year.

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