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[GameDude] Mättö Series - How To Create A Car File

Start the Nascar3 game. Select "Driver Info":

Then select "New Driver":

Now comes the most important part. You are asked the file name where your car data is stored into. Type in your GD callsign, it should be unique (check that out from the car file list). Do not use any already used names! In this example, we call the new player as "Maija".

Select whatever chassis you like. The chassis refers to car make, but the damn Nascar3 manual does not explain which chassis is which make. Or how the chassis handling differs from each other. From the manual: "While all are equally matched, each one has its own inherent handling characteristics". Yeah, so? What are those?? Dääm. Chassis number can be changed later on. Hit "OK".

Next, the Player Info display is shown. Type in your information as you like. Your Car # (i.e. number) is the most important: IT MUST BE YOUR GD NUMBER. In this example we use 100 as the car number:

Hit the "Save" button:

Your car is now ready. If you like, you can now paint your car with the "Paint Shop". But this is not required, you can use the default paiting as seen on the display.

Let's add the car into the multiplayer list. This eases the car selection when joining a multiplayer game.

Hit "Exit":

Press to drop down the "Entry List" selection list.

Select "multi" from that list:

The entry list on the right side of the screen updates to show the "multi" list. The "multi" list is the driver list which is used on the multiplayer games. Now remove one entry from that list to make room for your car:

Select one car from the list (does not really matter, which one):

Hit the "arrow left" to remove the driver from the list.

Now look at the driver list on the left. You should find your name from that list. The list is sorted according to the car number:

Select your name from the list, and hit "arrow right" button:

Your name will appear to the end of the "multi" list. Scroll down and select it:

Use the "Move Entry Up" button to move your name upwards on the list. Move it to the second upmost position as shown here (this is wierd):

And you are done! Save the list:

Send your car file (in this example, "") to Jässe ( You will find the car file from the "Cars" folder, under the "Nascar3" folder.

Now the joining for the game in the Mättö is a breeze. Select "Multiplayer" from the main menu. Then select "Join", Connect via "TCP/IP Network", and select from "Player Info/Car Choise" list your name. Fill in the "Used ID" with your nickname. Hit "Connect", and thats it!


Copyright [GameDude]. Page updated 23.9.2001.